Tuesday, January 31, 2012

This Tea Spot is Brewed: Enjoy

These are pure wild "bamboo tea leaves" from Hwagae Valley, Jirisan.  It took 15 experienced tea pickers 4 hours of difficult work on mountainous terrain in a bamboo forest to pick this amount of tea.  How much hand processed tea will these tealeaves produce?  How much was this producer selling his processed tea for?  If you were on our Tea Tour Korea 2011 you know the answers.  If not, join us on Tea Tour Korea 2016 Tea Tour Korea coming May 2016.   There are several spots left.
Morning Crane Tea is dedicated to bring you the finest teas Korea has to offer.  We are the international dealer for the highly acclaimed cooperative tea producer Dong Cheon Tea.  They pay great attention to detail and all of their teas are organically grown and certified as such in Korea.    Dong Cheon teas are beginning to be discovered throughout the world and have gained considerable attention on many tea blogs.  In addition to Dong Cheon teas, we continue to search for high quality artisan teas and will be bringing those to you as the blog develops.
Welcome to the wonderful teas at Morning Crane Tea.  Are you an official follower of this blog?  Ask for your 'followers discount' when you purchase our teas.