Monday, July 1, 2013

2013 Korean Tea Sale and Announcing Tea Flight Pricing

As you may know, Morning Crane Tea is primarily a wholesale company supplying our Dong Cheon teas to teashops.  But we do have a retail business as well for those who don’t have easy access to one of those retail shops and for teas the retail shops don’t or can’t offer.  We have access to a number of artisan tea producers as well and will be reporting on and offering them soon.

We want to give you a sense of the prices for our 2013 teas and to introduce you to our special discount prices.  All of these teas, with the exception of our Darjeeling – Treasure Gold, are grown on Jirisan, Korea’s ‘holy mountain’ for tea, from wild or semi-wild bushes under organic growing conditions and are certified as such in Korea.  Treasure Gold is grown under similar conditions but in India.  Some teas are both hand picked and hand processed, others are hand picked machine processed and some machine picked and processed.  After years of tasting teas and comparing machine produced teas with hand produced teas from many producers, I have come to the conclusion that it is more the master producer than the method of production that determines taste.  True, hand picking and hand processing produces better leaf quality, but leaf quality alone doesn’t determine taste.  What does determine taste?  Wait for another post.

In addition to our special sale prices, for 2013 we are introducing “Tea Flight” pricing.  For 3 or more different teas purchased, the price does down with each different tea for most of our teas up to 8 different teas.  Why not offer the same discount on all of our teas?  Simply put we charge so little markup on several of our teas that if we gave the same discount we would have no profit.  We are trying to give you the best prices possible for these teas.  Why not give these prices throughout the year?  If you have purchased teas from us before, you know we work with you on pricing throughout the year.  Our goal is to promote these teas but we must also maintain a minimal profit margin to continue this work.  In addition, after making a Tea Flight purchase, you retain that price for the year 2013 on replacement orders no matter how many bags you reorder.  Contact us for Tea Flight pricing on the teas you want to try.

The Tea Sale Prices to introduce our 2013 teas are no longer available. Contact us to learn how you can obtain our teas at great prices.

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Note: *Treasure Gold list and 1-2 bag discount prices are for 40g. The Woojeon is the good stuff and sells for more than $100 per 100g in Korea.  There are 2 Sejaks, a Mu-Wi Sejak slightly lighter than the classic Sejak;  3 Vintage Dan-Chas - Dan-Cha Gaya V08, dark and roasty, Dan-Cha Silla V10, also dark and roasty but different and both from great years for tea and Dan-Cha Malgal V12 a lighter very different Dan-Cha.  Dan-Cha's are also known as hongcha red teas.

Diminishing Tea Flight Prices on 3 or more bags will be available until August 31, 2013.  Then Tea Flight Prices may be revised.  Three (3) bag discounts are slightly higher than 4 bag discounts. Five (5) Bag discounts are slightly lower than four (4) bag discounts etc.  Prices are based on orders of different teas i.e. “Tea Flights”.
Note: Tea Flight Prices are available in 50g, 40g, 25g and 15g sizes.  Retail shops may contact us for 10g 'tea tastes'.

Morning Crane Tea’s goal is to make quality Korean teas available to you.  Contact us with your orders, questions and comments.