Sunday, November 4, 2012

Jeong Jae Yeun's Hwangcha - New to Morning Crane Tea

If you have ever had the pleasure of visiting Park Jong Il and his wife in their studio complex high in the mountains near Gyeongju, most likely you have tasted this delicious tea.  He often serves it to his special guests.
Let’s look at the tea.

You can see how small the leaves are compared to Park Jong Il’s small cooling bowl.  Here is a closer look.

The color and condition of the leaves are beautiful.
I infused this tea 5 times and could have continued several more stopping only to complete this post. 

The amber liquor is also beautiful.  I wish I were one able to describe the taste of this toasty fruity tea.  The package references notes of fern, persimmon and ginger.  I can simply say that I really enjoy this tea.

As you can see the infused leaves, after 5 infusions, look like they have much more to offer.  So I returned these leaves to the teapot and infused them three more times.  Why waste good tea?
This is a rare hwangcha, highly recommended by Shin In-suk, Park Jong Il and of course us at Morning Crane Tea. 
We at Morning Crane Tea are honored to be the only Western source for this wonderful artisan hwangcha.  Follow this blog to be among the first to learn more about the other teas we are making available to you.
To learn more about this tea go to our Morning Crane Tea post.
We are offering this special artisan hwangcha at just $22.00 for 50g.  I realize that price is still higher than most Chinese hwangcha but it is also less pricy than most Korean hwangcha.  As you know Chinese hwangcha and Korean hwangcha are not the same teas.   To help a little more on your first order of this hwangcha we will add 10g more during the month of November, 2012.  That's 60g for $22.00.   Contact us if you are interested.
We at Morning Crane Tea are doing our best to bring you great teas at the most reasonable prices.  Contact us now to reserve your hwangcha.  Add one or more of the other teas we offer and we'll do something special for you then too.  Follow this blog to be among among the first to learn about new teas and possible sales coming soon. 

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