Monday, December 2, 2013

Cyber ‘Monday’ Sale: Dec. 2-8, 2013 Only

A Yeohanggi Teacup

I know it is crazy for an independent tea dealer like me to even think about offering anything on Cyber Monday.  My markups are so slim already but the sale is just for the day plus a little more and I went into the Korean tea and teaware business to give you the opportunity to get some amazing Korean teas and tea ware  - so here goes. 
This post is so late I’ll extend this Cyber 'Monday' Sale until Dec. 8  i.e. Monday through Sunday.  But can't guarantee we can obtain different teaware than what I have already ordered. Both tea and the following tea ware are available all week at this price but ends Dec. 8, 2013 as long as supplies last. 
The price list has been removed.  Contact us for current prices.

Now, for reading this far, with any tea order, we will make the Korean travel set or Yeohanggi available to you for the same price you would pay in Korea.  I just ordered these great teaware items because some of you have been asking about them.  I don't know how much they will cost me in either price or shipping yet so I could be losing money.  The Yeohanggi for this special "Cyber Monday" sale is just $25.00.  They are made by individual artists formed by hand and fired in reduction.  If you order before, Mon. Dec 8 and as long as supplies last.  I ordered a few Yeohanggi sets but can't guarantee your choice.  I do have a couple of spotted Yeohanggi sets ordered in addition to the white.
The Korean Travel Set or Yeohanggi Set 여행기 consists of three pieces: the pouring bowl, cup and lid.  For travel and storage, the cup fits inside the pouring bowl with lid on top.  It is Korea's answer to the gaiwan.  The capacity is 100ml so it is perfect for individual tea.
This is the set you are ordering: (wooden coaster not included)

 Ha Il Nam's Favorite Yeohanggi Set 

This is the same set Ha Il Nam, president of Dong Cheon Tea uses daily.  Two alternate sets can be seen on this post and can be ordered if you don't mind waiting.  We will have a few spotted sets. (see post)

    Ha Il Nam at his tea shop in Insadong with the Yeohanggi

I'm sorry this post is so late.  I just decided to do it. Contact me if you would like to order or have questions.  Happy Holidays in any case.

PS:  The tea I can ship now with the exception of Dan Cha Classic, Dan Cha Gaya 08 and Yip-Cha.  I should receive everything in the next 10 days.  Just in time to get it to you before Christmas or the end of the year. 

PPS: Those of you who have bought this delicious artisan Hwangcha from me earlier at a lower price will note the higher price offered here.  I recalculated my price on this tea and discovered I was selling it below cost.  It is a long story but one I'll only tell to you individually.  In any case, my apologies.

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